Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Recent publications from Mary Garvin, Biology; Matthew Elrod, Chemistry; and affiliated students
As found in the Web of Science

Fu, N., Y. Shen, Anthony R. Allen ’18, L. Song, A. Ozaki, and S. Lin. 2019. Mn-Catalyzed Electrochemical Chloroalkylation of Alkenes. ACS Catalysis 9:746-754.
Garvin, Mary C., A. Austin, K. Boyer, M. Gefke, C. Wright, Y. Pryor, A. Soble, and Rebecca J. Whelan. 2018. Attraction of Culex pipiens to House Sparrows Is Influenced by Host Age but Not Uropygial Gland Secretions. Insects 9:127.

Stropoli, Santino J.’18, Corina R. Miner ’18, junior Daniel R. Hill, and Matthew J. Elrod
. 2019. Assessing Potential Oligomerization Reaction Mechanisms of Isoprene Epoxydiols on Secondary Organic Aerosol. Environmental Science & Technology 53:176-184.

Names of Oberlin affiliated authors at the time of research are shown in bold font.  Rebecca Whelan is now teaching at Notre Dame University.  Alumni are identified by the year of graduation following the name.