Monday, April 21, 2014

Recent Faculty and Alumni Publications in Science

As found in Web of Science, April 18, 2014.  Oberlin affiliated authors are shown in bold lettering:

Katzner, T. E., Daniel S. Jackson (OC '06), J. Ivy, E. A. Bragin, and A. DeWoody. 2014. Variation in offspring sex ratio of a long-lived sexually dimorphic raptor, the Eastern Imperial Eagle Aquila heliaca. Ibis 156:395-403.
Money, E. S., L. E. Barton, Joseph Dawson (OC '12), K. H. Reckhow, and M. R. Wiesner. 2014. Validation and sensitivity of the FINE Bayesian network for forecasting aquatic exposure to nano-silver. Science of the Total Environment 473:685-691.
Owen, J. C., E. A. Cornelius, D. A. Arsnoe, and Mary C. Garvin (Biology). 2013. Leukocyte response to eastern equine Encephalomyelitis virus in a wild passerine bird. Avian Diseases 57:744-749. article full-text
Owen, J. C., Mary C. Garvin (Biology), and F. R. Moore. 2014. Elevated testosterone advances onset of migratory restlessness in a nearctic-neotropical landbird. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 68:561-569.
van Vugt, M. K., Patrick Simen (Neuroscience), L. Nystrom, P. Holmes, and J. D. Cohen. 2014. Lateralized readiness potentials reveal properties of a neural mechanism for implementing a decision threshold. PLOS One 9:e90943.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Endocrine Disruptor Week - learn how to avoid the dirty dozen
Environmental Working Group has declared this to be Endocrine Disruptor Week, in an effort to educate more people about the dangers of toxic chemicals in the environment.  Just posting the announcement has created an interesting spate of comments on the pros and cons of eating soy, fermented or otherwise.  Should be an interesting week on Facebook

Background information can be found in any one of these books, all accessible online through OBIS: