Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Reading... a LONG list!

We have been inundated with wonderful new books this month!  Now we need more readers to help lighten the load at the new book shelf.  See the entire list.  Here are just a few:

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There are so many more we could highlight!  Best just to stop in and peruse the shelves yourself.  It's lovely and cool in the library...

Friday, June 01, 2012

New Faculty Publications in Chemistry, Environmental Studies and Geology

Belitsky, Jason M., Chemistry
Sono K, Lye D, Moore CA, Boyd WC, Gorlin TA, Belitsky JM. 2012. Melanin-based coatings as lead-binding agents. Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications :361803. [access at PMC]

Hubbard, Dennis, Geology
Lescinsky H, Titus B, Hubbard D. 2012. Live coral cover in the fossil record: An example from holocene reefs of the dominican republic. Coral Reefs 31(2):335-46. [access at EJC]

Page, F. Zeb, Geology
Blondes MS, Brandon MT, Reiners PW, Page FZ, Kita NT. 2012. Generation of forsteritic olivine (fo(99 center dot 8)) by subsolidus oxidation in basaltic flows. J Petrol 53(5):971-84. [access at EJC]

Shammin, Md Rumi, Environmental Studies
Bagstad KJ and Shammin MR. 2012. Can the genuine progress indicator better inform sustainable regional progress?-A case study for northeast ohio. Ecol Ind 18:330-41. [access at EJC]
Simonson, Bruce, Geology
Bottke WF, Vokrouhlicky D, Minton D, Nesvorny D, Morbidelli A, Brasser R, Simonson B, Levison HF. 2012. An archaean heavy bombardment from a destabilized extension of the asteroid belt. Nature 485(7396):78-81. [access at Nature]

Thompson, Robert Q., Chemistry
Thompson RQ, Chu C, Gent R, Gould AP, Rios L, Vertigan TM. 2012. Visualizing capsaicinoids: Colorimetric analysis of chili peppers. J Chem Educ 89(5):610-2. [access at ACS]

These six articles were found by searching "Oberlin Coll*" in the address field of Web of Science, limited to the last four weeks in Science Citation Index, then exporting the references to RefWorks and formatting the list according to the Ecology journal format.