Saturday, April 27, 2013

Current Reading and "Grand Challenges in Science Education"

Have you checked out any journals in the science library, recently? Each of our journals is available for a one-day loan period. We place all of newly-received journals on a rack near the main entrance to the library before moving them to the shelving on the north side of the library. There are 9 new issues on our shelf as of yesterday afternoon, including Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS), DNA and Cell Biology and American Scientist, among others!

The latest issue of Science contains a number of articles addressing the "Grand Challenges in Science Education". Articles aim to answer a range of questions, including how an optimal combination of physical and virtual labs can be used in the science classroom, why the goals of science education for non-scientists should be redefined, and how undergraduate teaching and institutional demands on professors should be rethought. If any of this sparks your attention, come in and check this issue out at the library.

You can also access each of these articles online, but why not come in grab a journal so you can take it outside for some sunshine 'n reading today? It's going to be 68°F and sunny on this beautiful Saturday afternoon!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Love a Tree on Arbor Day

Magnolias grace the south piazza, Oberlin College Science Center
Today is Arbor Day - thank a tree for the oxygen you breathe, the carbon it harbors, the shade it provides, the birds and squirrels it shelters, the enriched soil it stabilizes.  This is the perfect day to admire any one of hundreds on campus now bursting with extravagent blossoms, buds and new leaves.

Learn more about Arbor Day:

Planting nature : trees and the manipulation of environmental stewardship in America / Shaul E. Cohen.  Berkeley : University of California Press, c2004.

Get news about trees every week, from the American Forest Foundation.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hangout with National Geographic, Celebrate Earth Day all week

National Geographic is celebrating Earth Day 2013 with some remarkable photos, stories and information intended to inspire and perhaps galvanize us all into more environmentally friendly ways of being. Visit the site, learn more with a Google Hangout.

Find current coverage of other Earth Day 2013 activities with a search in Summon. For a historical perspective, check out this book:
Before Earth Day: the origins of American Environment Law 1945-1970.

This is a good week for re-reading Rachel Carson's Silent SpringThis edition features an introduction by Al Gore.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Window Seats Beckon on a Drizzly, Windy Friday

Photograph showing window seats along the curved north interior wall of the Science Library.  Each window seat is occupied by a student; reading, using a laptop or looking out the window.
Spring in northeast Ohio.  

Yesterday's brilliant sun is now veiled in rain clouds, while the temperature plummets 30 degrees.  Typical?  You bet.  The Weather Almanac reports these numbers for April in Cleveland, Ohio (all in degrees Fahrenheit): 
57 normal daily high
38 normal daily low
88 record high (in 1986)
10 record low (1964).

At least it isn't snowing.  That might come tomorrow.