Monday, June 15, 2015

Climate change is all around. Get the facts.

Among the burgeoning collection of books on the new book shelf are many important and timely titles on different aspects of climate change.  Check them out!  Be the informed person who recognizes the difference between a climate change denier (a more accurate term than skeptic, in this context) and someone who understands the magnitude of this grave challenge to ecosystems worldwide.

Climate change, water and agriculture : towards resilient systems.

Climate, energy, and water : managing trade-offs, seizing opportunities.

Climate justice : vulnerability and protection.

Climate shock : the economic consequences of a hotter planet.

The politics of global climate change.

Climatology versus pseudoscience : exposing the failed predictions of global warming skeptics.

There are SO many more titles, in every subject area of the science library collection, on the new book shelf now!  'Tis the annual bounty of June deliveries to the science library.