Thursday, September 20, 2012

Taking Home your Genome!

Hey all you science fanatics, majors and non-majors alike! My name is Laura Gray and I'm a second-year studying biology here at Oberlin. I've just started working at the Science Library (arguably the best place on campus) and will now be contributing to our blog. I'm excited to be here!

This week on Morning Edition, NPR kicked off their "$1,000 Genome" series with two stories discussing the prospect of low-cost (compared to the initial $3 billion project) genome sequencing that would be available to the average citizen. This individualized sequencing may become a part of standard medical check-ups and prevention measures very soon. Knowledge of your genome may not stop that welcome-back-to-Oberlin cold going around, but would you want to know about other medical risks? Check out what James Watson had to say about having his genome sequenced in the article, here!

For more on this fascinating topic, you should also come pick up one of our newest books, located under the display case, called The Genome Generation, by Elizabeth Finkel!