Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Neuroprosthetics featured in The Scientist

From The Scientist: Neuroprosthetics a fascinating look at advances in devices that "supplant or supplement the input and/or output of the nervous system."

By Eric C. Leuthardt, Jarod L. Roland and Wilson Z. Ray
"For decades, researchers have eyed neuroprosthetics as ways to bypass neural deficits caused by disease, or even to augment existing function for improved performance. Today, several different types of surgical brain implants are being tested for their ability to restore some level of function in patients with severe sensory or motor disabilities."
Two books accessible in the Springer electronic book collection provide context and background:

Operative neuromodulation  / edited by D.E. Sakas, B.A. Simpson, and E.S. Krames. Springer, c2007.

Springer handbook of medical technology  / edited by RĂ¼diger Kramme, Klaus-Peter Hoffmann, Robert S. Pozos.  Springer, c2011

Browse the contents of this journal in the OhioLINK EJC for a more extensive reading of these exciting developments:
Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface