Thursday, October 06, 2011

Cool Citation Tracking Tools @ the Geek Fest - Oct. 11

Come to the library's Geek Fest on Tuesday October 11 and have fun following citations.  Truly, it will be fun!

  • Easily find Oberlin faculty members whose research has been referenced (cited) by hundreds of other authors in the past twenty years.  
  • See who has cited any published paper that interests you, from any discipline or time period, using the Web of Science - and, in one more step, find all of the papers related to those citing papers with the shared reference feature.  
  • Leaping (linking) from one citation to the next in mere milliseconds, all within the context of millions of scholarly articles indexed in the Web of Science - including Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index and the Science Citation Index.  Plus Conference Proceedings!

Once you've mastered the Web of Science, visit other stations around Azariah's Cafe, set up to delight you with new ways to find, store, organize and use information.  Food, beverages, friendly librarians, fellow students, writing tutors, prizes!  Mark your calendar...  be there!

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