Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Visual Guide to Understanding Climate Change

Just released: the ultimate visual guide to understanding climate change from the world's leading experts: the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

To supplement the IPCC: we have SO many wonderful books to guide you through the complexity of climate change findings and publications: from considering varying data sets, long-term projections, variability of climate models, the politics of climate, and more.   I recommend Climate Peril.  It will get your attention.

The essential news: it's bad, it's getting worse, we all need to try and make it better. Please. Browse the shelves virtually: QC 903, then come read to understand why slowing global warming to mitigate climate disruption is essential for our well-being, now and decades into the future.

Friday, July 10, 2015

CLOSED Mon-Wed July 13-15

photo credit:  Maya Iverson OC'12
The Science Library will be closed for much needed maintenance on Monday-Wednesday, July 13-15. No library staff will be onsite, but the science librarian will monitor email for any queries regarding online access to library resources. Email: We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Further research published from Rowsell and FitzGerald collaboration

The Royal Society of Chemistry has published further research from the labs of the late Jesse Rowsell, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Stephen FitzGerald, Department of Physics and Astronomy. Research students Cassandra Zentner (OC '13), Holden Lai (OC '15), Joshua Greenfeld (OC '11), and Ren Wiscons (OC '15), all of the Rowsell lab, were instrumental in completing this work and manuscript, published posthumously under Rowsell's name.

Zentner is corresponding author on the paper. Congratulations to all of the authors for continuing the work and producing a fine record of results.

Zentner CA, Lai HWH, Greenfield JT, Wiscons RA, Zeller M, Campana CF, Talu O, FitzGerald SA, Rowsell JLC. 2015. High surface area and Z′ in a thermally stable 8-fold polycatenated hydrogen-bonded framework. Chemical Communications 51(58) July 7:11642-5.
Access at the Royal Society of Chemistry or at OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center. Published online June 16, 2015; print issue is dated July 7, 2015.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Climate change is all around. Get the facts.

Among the burgeoning collection of books on the new book shelf are many important and timely titles on different aspects of climate change.  Check them out!  Be the informed person who recognizes the difference between a climate change denier (a more accurate term than skeptic, in this context) and someone who understands the magnitude of this grave challenge to ecosystems worldwide.

Climate change, water and agriculture : towards resilient systems.

Climate, energy, and water : managing trade-offs, seizing opportunities.

Climate justice : vulnerability and protection.

Climate shock : the economic consequences of a hotter planet.

The politics of global climate change.

Climatology versus pseudoscience : exposing the failed predictions of global warming skeptics.

There are SO many more titles, in every subject area of the science library collection, on the new book shelf now!  'Tis the annual bounty of June deliveries to the science library.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rats on a gambling task tell us something about decision making in schizophrenia

A new publication by Assistant Professor of Neuroscience Tracie Paine:

Paine TA, O'Hara A, Plaut B, Lowes DC. 2015. Effects of disrupting medial prefrontal cortex GABA transmission on decision-making in a rodent gambling task. Psychopharmacology (Berl ) 232(10):1755-65

Partial abstract:  "Decision-making is a complex cognitive process that is mediated, in part, by subregions of the medial prefrontal cortex (PFC). Decision-making is impaired in a number of psychiatric conditions including schizophrenia. Notably, people with schizophrenia exhibit reductions in GABA function in the same PFC areas that are implicated in decision-making… [The data collected in this experimental study of rat cognitive function] provide proof-of-concept evidence that disruptions in GABA transmission can contribute to the decision-making deficits in schizophrenia."
Full text at OhioLINK EJC or SpringerLink.

Monday, May 18, 2015

And they're gone...

Science Library north reading area
Just like that, the semester is over, with nary an indication that every seat was filled just three days ago.  The stillness of the library the first morning after finals frenzy is not a surprise - but it feels strange, nonetheless.  Just a brief lull before alumni and commencement visitors fill the town!

Library Hours, May 18 - Aug 25

Mon - Fri 9am-12pm & 1-4:30pm
Sat - Sun  CLOSED

We will also be closed:
May 25, July 3 and July 13-15.

Friday, May 15, 2015

New Publications from Craig, Fitzgerald, Simen, and Woods, with alumni

Oberlin authors are noted in bold font.  Use Journal Finder to access these journals.

Craig, Norman C., [with former students:] Appiah, Kwabena J., Miller, Charles E., Seiden, Michael V, Varley, Joseph E. 2015. Reevaluation of matrix-isolation infrared spectra of the isotopologues of trans-diazene and attempts to prepare cis-diazene by photoisomerization. Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 310:3-7.

Demaison J, Craig, Norman C, Groner P, Ecija P, Cocinero EJ, Lesarri A, Rudolph HD. 2015. Accurate equilibrium structures for piperidine and cyclohexane. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 119(9):1486-93.

FitzGerald, Stephen A., Schloss, Jennifer M., Pierce, Christopher J., Thompson, Benjamin, Rowsell, Jesse LC, Yu K, Schmidt JR. 2015. Insights into the anomalous vibrational frequency shifts of CO2 adsorbed to metal sites in microporous frameworks. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119(10):5293-300.

Freestone DM, Simen, Patrick, Balci F, Church RM. 2015. Optimal response rates in humans and rats. Journal of Experimental Psychology-Animal Learning and Cognition 41(1):39-51.

Mark, Zachary ’14, Yang H, Zimmerman A, Chen Y. 2015. Quasinormal modes of weakly charged kerr-newman spacetimes. Physical Review D 91(4):044025.

Standage D, Wang D, Heitz RP, Simen, Patrick. 2015. Toward a unified view of the speed-accuracy trade-off. Frontiers in Neuroscience 9:139.

Woods, Kevin. 2015. Presburger arithmetic, rational generating functions, and quasi-polynomials. Journal of Symbolic Logic 80(2):433-49. [current volumes are not available online to Oberlin users; use ILL]