Friday, October 28, 2011

Royal Society opens its archives and launches Open Biology

Royal Society of London Open Access
Open access news from the Royal Society of London is very welcome.  Read more about the recently launched Open Biology, "a journal run for scientists by scientists." The Royal Society says that the editors and editorial board intend to "ensure a fair and speedy review process without recourse to unnecessary rounds of revision,"  It is very new, so check back often for more publications.

The Royal Society open archive announcement coincides with Open Access Week, and celebrates free access to any article  published more than 70 years ago. This is remarkable, considering the historically significant research findings published by the Royal Society.  Try the advanced search at the Royal Society site, and you'll find that the publication date range extends back to 1665. There are not many (any?) other sites on the Internet where you can find such an authentic and rich archive of scientific discovery. Explore!

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