Friday, October 14, 2011

Committed to Biodiversity? Go Swim with Sharks!

Shark Tourism is a growing business with a helpful purpose that may not be entirely clear to thrill seekers in wet suits - preserving the diversity of predators essential for maintaining ecosystem balance.  Listen to this great segment on Living on Earth, October 14, 2011, featuring Samuel “Doc” Gruber, a marine scientist at the University of Miami, who has been studying lemon sharks for 20 years from the beachfront lab he started on Bahamas’ Bimini island.

If you're considering a dip with sharks (or would prefer to appreciate them from afar), check out this magnificent reference book on our new book shelf:  The Sharks of North America / José I. Castro ; color illustrations by Diane Rome Peebles.  New York : Oxford University Press, c2011

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Anonymous said...

Alison, This just looks too darn scary for me :/