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Speaking of Science - news from the Oberlin College Science Library - highlights publications of science faculty and students and occasionally promotes library resources and services along with information on current events and public controversies in science.

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The Science Library opened in 2001 in its present location, in the middle of the Oberlin College Science Center.  The science collections have a much longer history, dating from the college founding in 1833 and housed in a number of different facilities over the years - most recently, the branch libraries in the Kettering Hall of Science (for chemistry, biology, geology and neuroscience) and a smaller reading room in Wright Hall of Physics (for physics and astronomy).

The precise location of the former science library (see image below) is now a large expanse of lawn.  The old physics reading room became an equipment storage area, in order to make room for the new lecture hall on the top floor of Wright Hall.
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Address:  119 Woodland St., Oberlin OH 44074
Phone:     440-775-8310
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