Thursday, March 09, 2017

Senior Ryanna Fossum co-authors a paper in Lithos

Oberlin College geology major Ryanna Fossum worked with researchers from the American Museum of Natural History and Rutgers State University Wright Rieman Labs on this project:

Zirakparvar, N. Alex; Setera, Jacob; Mathez, Edmond; Vantongeren, Jill; Fossum, Ryanna.  2017. The pre-Atlantic Hf isotope evolution of the east Laurentian continental margin: Insights from zircon in basement rocks and glacial tillites from northern New Jersey and southeastern New York. Lithos 272, : 69-83. 

From the Abstract:
This paper presents laser ablation U–Pb age and Hf isotope data for zircons from basement rocks and glacial deposits in northern New Jersey and southeastern New York. The purpose is to understand the eastern Laurentian continental margin's Hf isotope record in relation to its geologic evolution prior to the opening of the Atlantic Ocean.  
Access this at or the OhioLINK EJC.

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