Thursday, March 16, 2017

Communicating Science: more than just the facts, please

The library is celebrating great science writers with a display of engaging, delightful to read, fact-based books that draw in the reader with compelling stories.  
It will become a rotating display (figuratively and literally, once the new display rack arrives) of new books on science topics, written for a general audience.

The Internet abounds with wonderful science writing as well, of course.  Sean Carroll speaks to this very persuasively in his 2014 blog post, "Twenty-First Century Science Writers."

In 2015, Columbia Journalism Review highlighted "Six great pieces of science writing you may have missed this year."

The description of our book display (Oberlin College Libraries tumblr, March 15) includes a long list of recommended articles - to that list, we add two by Dyani Sabin '14 (former Science Library Student Assistant):

Hawaii Could Become an All-Renewable All-Electric Car Paradise by 2045
Dyani Sabin Clean Energy February 21, 2017

The Blue Collar Job of the Future Is Solar Panel Installer
Dyani Sabin Solar Energy February 22, 2017.

It's remarkable how much one can learn (even those who are reluctant to approach science in any manner) when a good writer weaves the facts with an interesting story that brings home a strong message.

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