Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Summer road trip? Take along a roadside geology guide.

Three new Roadside Geology books arrived in this week's new book shipment:

  • Roadside geology of Colorado
  • Roadside geology of Oregon
  • Roadside geology of Utah

 joining the 30 or so books for other states in our collection.  These books are a great way to learn more about the physical environment you may be speeding through, and are a good excuse to stop and appreciate the locale - to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

While you're considering landforms and formations, you could also identify birds, mammals, reptiles, snakes, invertebrates...  the library is brimming with helpful guides, both regional and world-wide in focus, to animals in various ecosystems.  Plants, too, for that matter!  Any currently enrolled student (as well as faculty and staff) who will be returning in the fall is welcome to borrow books over the summer.  Just ask!

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