Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day interview with Lab Girl author Hope Jahren

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NPR Morning Edition's Renee Montagne spoke this morning with geobiologist Hope Jahren about her book Lab Girl (now in new book processing, heading to the science library).  Jahren spoke eloquently about her experience of being the only female in her field (and lab) and the challenges that presented, as well as her commitment to guiding young women through similar challenges with more support and encouragement than she received.  As a scientist who studies plants, seeds and soil, she also expressed beautifully the role of trees in ecosystems, and implored listeners to plant a tree and "choose wisely."  A tree becomes a companion through life, doing so much for all forms of life in its environs.  To paraphrase, Jahren concluded by stressing, "I'm not saying, 'save the trees;' rather, that trees can save us."  Listen.

Jahren's words are a reminder to continue nurturing the tiny lilac tree I planted last year around Earth Day.  I'm happy to see it is sprouting new leaves this spring, sheltered on the south side of the house.

Read about trees in a changing environment (ebook with the same title) at SpringerLink.

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