Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Love Your Library During National Library Week

Tell us what you love about the science library!  Spread a little cheer during National Library Week.  Look for the blue entry box at the circulation desk (under the hanging air plant). We'll read all of the entries on April 17 and post some of them here.   UPDATE: see the comment from Alison.

Top ten things we love about our library users:
9. Seeing you work together in group study rooms.
8. Knowing you're comfortable enough to nap at the window seats.
7. Cleaning up after yourself (gold stars for you!).
6. Remembering to take your print job with you.
5. Returning library materials on time ;-) -- so nice.
4. Leaving the cutting blade down when you're finished with the cutting board (that thing looks lethal).
3. Watching you help a friend figure out the scanning procedure.
2. Handing your ID to us with a friendly smile when borrowing items. 
And the absolute best thing:
1. Asking interesting questions about fascinating subjects.  That makes our day.
So ask away! Love your library all year long, and share the joy during National Library Week.

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Alison said...

What our library users told us: they love THE QUIET - and the peace and ambience of the science library. They also love our friendly staff, the books (yeah, books!), different types of seating areas, the Mac lab and the Quantitative Skills Center - and the "complimentary items." We think that includes all sorts of things people may borrow (laptops, pencils, pens, calculators, rulers, playdough...) as well as the stuff that gets used (hole punch, staplers, tissues, paper clips, scrap paper, cutting board, scissors, tape, pushpins, erasers - they do ask for many things). Not to forget the copiers, printers, scanners and computers - equipment used all day long while the semester is in session. We're happy to help!