Monday, March 14, 2016

Itchin' for Spring Break? Get Into the Swing of It.

If your spring break plans include a bit of golf, consider taking this book with you:

The science of the perfect swing / Peter Dewhurst.  Now on the new book shelf.

Does spring bring thoughts of baseball opening day?  You might like to know something about that science of that sport:

Physics of baseball & softball / Rod Cross
online at Springer books, access through OBIS.

Wherever you're going, here's hoping that you'll have time for relaxation and renewal.  There are some delightful titles on the new book shelf that can entertain and enlighten you through the week ahead.  Skunk, for example.  Goodness knows they are becoming more active this time of year.  Find out why in this book from the Reaktion Animal series.

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