Monday, March 21, 2016

Best Book Return of the Day: Body by Darwin

Science library: QH366.2 .T374 2015
We are frequently distracted by books just returned by a library borrower.  Today it was Body by Darwin that caught my attention - how evolution shapes our health and transforms medicine. Author Jeremy Taylor states, "I do try to describe the deep evolutionary background to some human medical conditions and to explain why they exist in the first place... [to] leave readers with a new respect for evolution as the prime mover for the structure and function of human bodies, even if it does, on occasion, cause them to break down and drive us into the ER!"

It is fascinating reading for Spring Break - from barefoot running (don't try this without understanding the importance of pace and posture) to neuroimmune responses that contribute to developing Alzheimer's, and the multiple, negative impacts of depleting "old friends" microbiota in the human body, better understanding of human evolution is giving remarkable insights into the cause, prevention and treatment of ailments.   Check it out!

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