Friday, March 25, 2016

Eudicot phylogenetics: new publication from Mike Moore

Sun Y; Moore Michael J, Associate Professor of Biology; Zhang S; Soltis PS; Soltis DE; Zhao T; Meng A; Li X; Li J; Wang H. 2016. Phylogenomic and structural analyses of 18 complete plastomes across nearly all families of early-diverging eudicots, including an angiosperm-wide analysis of IR gene content evolution. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 96:93-101
Partial abstract:  The grade of early-diverging eudicots includes five major lineages: Ranunculales, Trochodendrales, Buxales, Proteales and Sabiaceae. To examine the evolution of plastome structure in early-diverging eudicots, we determined the complete plastome sequences of eight previously unsequenced early-diverging eudicot taxa… and compared them to previously published plastomes of the early-diverging eudicots… Maximum likelihood phylogenetic analysis of a 79-gene, 97-taxon data set that included all available early-diverging eudicots and representative sampling of remaining angiosperm diversity largely agreed with previous estimates of early-diverging eudicot relationships.

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