Thursday, June 23, 2016

Indulging in nostalgia... the old Physics Reading Room and Kettering Science Library

Before the Science Center was constructed, the Physics Reading Room existed in the northeast corner of the second floor of Wright, and the Class of 1904 Science Library was crammed into the southeast corner of the first floor of Kettering (in the Chemistry wing of Kettering, razed after the north wing of the Science Center was completed).  Every summer, we were devoted to the tasks of preparing thousands of journal volumes for binding, transferring an equal number of older volumes to the old Carnegie Library for off-site storage, shifting the remaining collections and shelving the newly bound journal volumes on their return.  As the number of print subscriptions has dwindled from 365* to 65 (thereabouts), we are freed of the tyranny of shifting, always shifting, and the tedious labor of wheeling very full book trucks across the street, navigating doors, uneven sidewalks and thresholds, to maneuver in the elevator and the dark, musty stacks of Carnegie.  The Science Center is the perfect home for today's consolidated Science Library.  Come enjoy our lovely setting and peruse the new book area.  So many new books arrived in June!

*Why the decrease in print subscriptions?  They're all online, and oh so convenient.  We keep a core of titles in print that are really helpful for browsing - for learning awesome stuff about things you didn't know you didn't know.  It's a very different experience than simply finding that for which you're searching.  Pick up something new and you're sure to encounter a new idea, a fresh perspective, a spark for your imagination.  See you soon.

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