Friday, May 08, 2009

Origins, Spread, Treatment of Swine Flu

Science and Nature have given extensive coverage to information and research on the H1N1 virus since the outbreak began.
in Science News of the Week:

Swine Flu Outbreak: Out of Mexico? Scientists Ponder Swine Flu's Origins

by Jon Cohen
"The origin of the virus behind the current swine flu outbreak, its muscle power, and how much of a threat it presents remain mysteries. After Mexico, the United States has had the most cases, which on 5 May totaled 403. The almost simultaneous confirmations of the outbreak in both Mexico and the United States initially added further confusion to the outbreak's origins. But the virus itself has helped clear up some matters. The greatest concern is what will this confusing virus, which combines genes from swine, avian, and human influenza strains, do next?"
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