Thursday, May 14, 2009

As Finals Fade, Grab a Book for Summer

Finals are underway, and taking on unassigned reading may be the last thing on your mind!

There are many new titles on the new book shelf that will ease you from the intensity of finals week into summer. And, for graduating seniors who have a week to prepare for commencement/reunion weekend, one of the new books may fill any spare moments you have.

Three new titles fom author Clive Roots look particularly fun to dip into, with great photos and fascinating facts: Flightless Birds, Hibernation, and Nocturnal Animals.

The Flying Circus of Physics (expanded, updated 2nd edition) by Jearl Walker promises a great many aha! moments of revelation. From the publisher's description: ..."where death-defying stunts, high-flying acrobatics, strange curiosities, and mind-bending illusions are all part of everyday life."

Take a break and browse the new book shelf; it will do you good!

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