Monday, February 23, 2009

Scientific Mysteries Top the List

The new book shelf is brimming with such diversity it's impossible to focus on just one title. From
13 things that don't make sense : the most baffling scientific mysteries of our time by Michael Brooks
The prefrontal cortex by Joaquin M. Fuster, there are tantalizing topics to draw you away from your required course reading.

Thanks to recent catalog enhancements in OBIS, you can learn a bit about nearly every new book on the list by clicking on the link "Information [or Preview] at Google Books" that appears on the right side of the OBIS display.
See, for example, this OBIS record:
Agroecological economics : sustainability and biodiversity by Paul A. Wojtkowski - which leads to a very helpful Google Books entry.

So, if you don't have time to browse the new book shelf in person, OBIS can provide the next best thing.
See the new book list.

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