Monday, March 20, 2006

New Books! Fat metabolism, biological weapons, bird songs, mind-altering drugs and more.

Come browse the new book shelf! <Read the new book list>
From the book jackets:

Mitch Earleywine's Mind-Altering Drugs answers the question "What is the nature of intoxication?" It is a thorough and accessible review of the subjective nature of drugs, explaining that each substance may create a different effect with every administration in each user.

In How Fat Works Dr. Philip A. Wood reviews recent research about specific genes or groups of genes that can lead to matabolic disorders. Wood is an experimental pathologist and molecular geneticist who uses gene-knockout technology to study the way mouse genes regulate the metabolism of fat. His book reviews the complex interplay of hormones, genes, and stress in the way human bodies deal with fat through the life cycle.

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