Sunday, March 26, 2006

Global Warming is the subject of Living On Earth

Living on Earth considers the impact of global warming on far-flung environments around the planet, from Lake Tanganyika in East Africa to Manitoba on the shores of Hudson Bay. The first two segments of the series Early Signs: Reports for a Warming Planet, are available as written transcripts, MP3 audio files or audio streaming, and are well-worth the time for careful listening (or reading). The stores are archived at Climate change, and global warming specifically, are given a thorough investigation by Elizabeth Kolbert in her book, Field notes from a catastrophe : man, nature, and climate change. New York : Bloomsbury Pub., 2006. Her book first appeared in the New Yorker, and was the subject of a May 9, 2005 talk between Alex Chadwick and NPR science correspondent Richard Harris.

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