Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Eleven alumni scientists: 2,416 articles cited 132,211 times by others

A recent symposium in the Science Center prompted a bit of citation analysis using the Web of Science. The eleven National Academy of Sciences members and OC alumni who presented during the three concurrent sessions have published a total of 2,416 articles, which have been cited by other articles 132,211 times (not including self-citations).

OC class years for these alumni range from 1954 to 1977.

This seems a good case in point on the impact of a liberal arts education for advancing scientific research and knowledge.

Three of the most highly cited papers from these researchers were published in Nature titles, two were published in Cell and two were published in Science.

The other papers appeared in:
Annual Review of Biochemistry
Journal of Neurophysiology 
Psychological Review, and
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society.

Complete citations are shown in the next image.  A Word document version of the list is shared in Google drive.

Citation reports in Web of Science are quickly compiled from a list of search results for any author - making certain of the correct form of the author's name and refining search results by broad subject categories helps produce a fairly accurate report of a researcher's publishing record.  Just click on Create Citation Report when you are confident that the search results adequately represent the publications from one author (see the screen shot, below, of the top right corner of a search results page).

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