Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Looking forward to hearing Robert Krulwich on November 5

Robert Krulwich '69, co-host of Radiolab, will be the featured speaker at the Friends of the Library annual dinner on Saturday, November 5.  It is sure to be both informative and entertaining!  The talk is open to the public - arrive shortly before 8pm in the Root Room, Carnegie Building, to grab an open seat.

An example of Krulwich's ability to explain a complex and vexing topic in terms that are clearly understood is the collaboration of NPR and Odd Todd animations to create the five episodes of "Global Warming: It's All About Carbon."  Who knew that a carbon atom could have such a charming persona?  Albeit sobering in the context of too much atmospheric carbon - released through decades of use of fossil fuels - creating the greenhouse effect encircling the globe.

A keyword search in OBIS on carbon and climate yields over 1000 titles; possibly none of them are as pithy and helpful for someone new to the topic as Krulwich's videos created with Odd Todd.  Do come back to the library for in-depth understanding of climate disruption: search climatic changes or climate change mitigation for best results.  Climate change: a very short introduction is an excellent first choice, or, for a fuller review of carbon, check out Carbon age : how life's core element has become civilization's greatest threat.

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