Thursday, February 11, 2016

Robert Owen contributes to significant findings by LIGO on gravitational waves

The exciting announcement of confirmation from the research collaborative LIGO of gravitational waves from colliding black holes has been picked up by a number of media outlets, including NPR  and Inside Science.  Robert Owen, Assistant Professor of Physics, is one of many collaborators who contribute to LIGO.  He “has for many years done calculations, animations, and theoretical work in support of this discovery,” observed colleague Dan Stinebring, Francis D. Federighi Professor of Physics and Astronomy.  Sinebring also observes gravitational waves, detecting these phenomena from supermassive black holes.  He collaborates as a contributor on the NANOGrav research project.  This is a remarkable achievement, and we are thrilled to recognize both Owen and Stinebring for their contributions to astrophysics.

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