Friday, October 31, 2014

Genetics and age contribute to Ebola infection outcome

Fascinating story on NPR's Morning Edition today, featuring remarks from:

  • Vincent Racaniello, virologist at Columbia University, 
  • Jonathan Epstein, veterinarian and epidemiologist with EcoHealth Alliance,
  • Angela Rasmussen, microbiologist at the University of Washington in Seattle, and
  • Robert Garry, microbiologist at Tulane University.

Rasmussen and colleagues published research results in Science showing a “wide range of disease outcomes, all the way from mild to severe illness” depending on the genetic makeup of mice infected with the same Ebola virus strain.
Garry is part of a team studying age of patients suffering from Ebola; younger patients (under age 21) were significantly more likely to survive than patients older than 45 (published in New England Journal of Medicine).

Listen to the whole story.
More information at The Scientist.

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