Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yeah! OBIS is back! With a link to different theory of the universe.

OBIS, how we missed you.  Hurray for the online catalog and our entrée to fantastic resources.

Brand new, this online book:  Tree of Nature: the essence of nature is information & communication.  From the Science-Meets-Philosophy Forum of Trans Tech Publications, this will give you something to ponder over Winter Term.

From the concluding commentary by David J. Fisher:
"Fred Wöhlbier’s theory [of the universe] is of an entirely different order and possesses the great virtue of being completely in accord with accepted scientific truths, while requiring no technical knowledge on the part of the reader beyond that needed for the everyday understanding of information technology. Indeed, this is the very message of the book: that the universe is an expression of the tenets of IT." 

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