Thursday, September 12, 2013

16 Science Faculty and Students Indexed in Web of Knowledge, Summer 2013

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Eight publications by 7 faculty and 9 student co-authors were indexed in Web of Knowledge this past summer.  The individual authors are:
  • Norman Craig, emeritus professor chemistry, with alumni Yihui Chen, Yuhua Lu, Christopher Neese and Deacon Nemchick
  • Stephen FitzGerald, professor of physics, with alumni Kirill Tchernyshyov and Christopher Pierce
  • Abby Halperin, OC ‘12 with honors in biology
  • Yumi Ijiri, professor of physics, with current senior Chetan Poudel
  • Marta Laskowski, associate professor of biology
  • Maniah Mehta, professor of chemistry, with alumnus Benjamin Altheimer
  • Karla Parsons Hubbard, professor of geology
  • Jesse Rowsell, assistant professor of chemistry
Their articles have publication dates from June through August 2013:
Altheimer, B. D., S. Pagola, M. Zeller, and M. A. Mehta. 2013. Mechanochemical Conversions Between Crystalline Polymorphs of a Complex Organic Solid. Crystal Growth & Design 13:3447-3453.  pdf in EJC
Craig N. C., Y. Chen, Y. Lu, C. F. Neese, D. J. Nemchick, and T. A. Blake. 2013. Analysis of the rotational structure in the high-resolution infrared spectra of cis,cis- and trans,trans-1,4-difluorobutadiene-1-d(1) and trans,trans-1,4-difluorobutadiene-1,4-d(2). Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 288:18-27. pdf in ScienceDirect
Deline, B., K. M. Parsons-Hubbard. 2013. Experimentally observed soft-tissue preservation near a marine brine seep. Palaeontology 56:893-900.  pdf in EJC
FitzGerald S. A., C. J. Pierce, J. L. C. Rowsell, E. D. Bloch, and J. A. Mason. 2013. Highly Selective Quantum Sieving of D-2 from H-2 by a Metal-Organic Framework As Determined by Gas Manometry and Infrared Spectroscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society 135:9458-9464.  pdf in
Hardiman, B. S., C. M. Gough, A. Halperin, K. L. Hofmeister, L. E. Nave, G. Bohrer, and P. S. Curtis. 2013. Maintaining high rates of carbon storage in old forests: A mechanism linking canopy structure to forest function. Forest Ecology and Management 298:111-119.  pdf in EJC
Hofhuis, H., M. Laskowski, Y. Du, K. Prasad, S. Grigg, V. Pinon, and B. Scheres. 2013. Phyllotaxis and Rhizotaxis in Arabidopsis Are Modified by Three PLETHORA Transcription Factors. Current Biology 23:956-962.  pdf in EJC
Ijiri, Y., C. Poudel, P. S. Williams, L. R. Moore, T. Orita, and M. Zborowski. 2013. Inverted Linear Halbach Array for Separation of Magnetic Nanoparticles. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 49:3449-3452.  no online access for Oberlin users
Laskowski, M. 2013. Lateral root initiation is a probabilistic event whose frequency is set by fluctuating levels of auxin response. Journal of experimental botany 64:2609-2617.
Ye S., M. Xu, S. FitzGerald, K. Tchernyshyov, and Z. Bacic. 2013. H-2 in solid C-60: Coupled translation-rotation eigenstates in the octahedral interstitial site from quantum five-dimensional calculations. Journal of Chemical Physics 138:244707.  pdf in AIP

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