Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Frog, Pumpkin, Mosquito. What do they have in common?

Answer: They are on the new book shelf. Not an actual frog, pumpkin or mosquito - but intriguing new books about them. The pumpkin book, especially, is quite tempting this time of year. And how can one resist the enthusiasm expressed by the frog on the cover of our newest addition to the Reaktion series on animals?  There are plenty of other things to borrow in the new book area, in physics, chemistry, biochemistry, ecology, neuroscience, plant physiology, geology... the list goes on and on!  Come see. 
Plan now to enjoy a fun read over the Thanksgiving break.  The library will close at 4:30pm on Wednesday, Nov. 21 and remain closed until 1:30pm on Friday, Nov. 23.

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