Thursday, April 05, 2012

Open Access from Nature Climate Change

This comes from The Nature Publishing Group at, in an email dated April 4, 2012:
"Nature Climate Change is one! To celebrate, the editors have pulled together a collection of highlights from the journal over the last year – free to view until the end of April 2012."
See the First anniversary highlights 
"Launched in April 2011, Nature Climate Change is a monthly journal dedicated to publishing the most significant and cutting-edge research on the impacts of global climate change and its implications for the economy, policy and the world at large. The journal is interdisciplnary and strives to forge and synthesize ideas across the physical and social sciences." 
While at, read the news note "How carbon dioxide melted the world," summarizing research findings published yesterday: Shakun, J. D. et al. Nature 484, 49–54 (2012). NPR adds insight with a story from Christopher Joyce this morning: Shake it off: earth's wobble may have ended ice age.

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