Monday, August 08, 2011

Basic Protocols Freely Accessible in JoVE

JoVE: Journal of Visualized Experiments is a peer-reviewed online journal of videos and other forms of visualization that demonstrate complex procedures, most of which are rather more specialized than needed for our curriculum -- but the "Basic Protocols" section includes 56 videos that are freely accessible and of potential use in the undergraduate laboratory.  See, for example, Generation of Single-Cell Suspensions from Mouse Neural Tissue, by Sandra Pennartz, Sandy Reiss, Rebecca Biloune, Doris Hasselmann, and Andreas Bosio. Free access to the protocol, which is accompanied by a written abstract and pdf describing the technique, is sponsored by Miltenyi Biotec.

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Panic Disorder said...

Appreciate the update about what can be accessed at JoVE. The Basic Protocols" section that includes 56 videos will provide the resource that many have been searching for. Thank you for the reliable and timely information that your blog provides.