Monday, May 23, 2011

The Books Are All Shelved!

It's true, we've completely caught up with shelving all of the end-of-semester book returns.  At least until the next armload is deposited on the circ desk or dumped into the book return.  You can return books to the outside book drop (east wall of the library) anytime, so if the warm breeze, blue sky and brilliant sun have kept you happily engaged outdoors (and who could blame you?), drop off your library books anytime you remember - before you leave campus!

Summer reading possibilities are endless, if you're staying in Oberlin for the summer (even if you're going away but plan to return for fall semester!).  Take a look at the New Books list;  The Darwin archipelago caught my interest.  You're sure to find something appealing here!

If you really want the books currently checked out to you (for the summer), just stop by and let us update your patron record with your summer address.  Takes just a moment or two!

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