Friday, February 12, 2010

New Content in Web of Knowledge: BIOSIS and Science Citation Index Together

It is now possible to search BIOSIS Previews from the same search platform as Science Citation Index and the other citation indexes offered within Web of Knowledge.  In addition, we have access to a deeper back file of the databases, with indexing back to 1965 for Web of Science and 1969 for BIOSIS.

This is a wonderful development, since the great subject indexing of BIOSIS is made even more effective with the Refine Results options of the Web of Knowledge search interface.  In addition, citation indexing is linked from Web of Science to the BIOSIS search results so every BIOSIS article that has been cited by an article indexed in Web of Science is so tagged.

Start exploring the new options and content from the Science Citation Index link on the science library's web siteClick on the Select A Database tab once you are at the Web of Knowledge site.

Need clarification on all of those names?
  • BIOSIS Previews includes Biological Abstracts, a database of primary, peer-reviewed journal articles.  The expanded content and indexing of BIOSIS gives additional access to annual publications, conference proceedings, monographs, reviews, bibliographies, and other types of life sciences literature.
  • ISI Web of Knowledge encompasses all of the databases and other products offered by Thomson Reuters
  • ISI Web of Science includes the citation indexes, first created by the Institute for Scientific Information and acquired by Thomson Reuters.   
  • Science Citation Index is the largest database of Web of Science.
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