Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New publication: Simonson, Bruce, et al. Precambrian Research.

The newest faculty publication listed in Science Citation Index:

Simonson, Bruce M. (Oberlin College Geology Department); McDonald, Iain; Shukolyukov, Alex; Koeberl, Christian; Reimold, Wolf Uwe; Lugmair, Guenter W.

Geochemistry of 2.63-2.49 Ga impact spherule layers and implications for stratigraphic correlations and impact processes.

PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH 175 (1-4): 51-76 DEC 2009 [access for OhioLINK users]

Partial abstract:
Thin layers rich in spherules formed during impacts by large extraterrestrial objects have the potential to shed new light on impact processes and aid in the long-distance stratigraphic correlation of Precambrian successions. Seven formations in Western Australia and South Africa clustered around the Archean-Proterozoic boundary each contain a single spherule layer...
Cr isotopic compositions are consistent with the formation of the oldest layers on both continents by a single impact event about 2.63Ga.

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