Friday, April 17, 2009

Laura Russo, '08, publishes in The Plant Cell

The February 2009 issue of Plant Cell includes an article by Oberlin alumna Laura Russo, '08 and Pablo Jenik, formerly of the Biology Department. Their article, co-authored with researchers at Univ. of Wisconsin, reports results of research undertaken at Oberlin. Congratulations to them both. Professor Jenik is now with the Biology Department of Franklin and Marshall College.

The RPN5 Subunit of the 26s Proteasome Is Essential for Gametogenesis, Sporophyte Development, and Complex Assembly in Arabidopsis.
Adam J. Booka, Jan Smallea,1, Kwang-Hee Leea, Peizhen Yanga, Joseph M. Walkera, Sarah Caspera, James H. Holmesa, Laura A. Russob, Zachri W. Buzzinottic, Pablo D. Jenikb,c and Richard D. Vierstraa,2

a Department of Genetics, University of Wisconsin
b Department of Biology, Oberlin College
c Department of Biology, Franklin and Marshall College

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