Monday, September 08, 2008

Intriguing Reference Titles on the New Book Shelf.

Two of the new titles we received in our latest shipment of new books are:
Both are excellent sources for succinct and clear explanations of complex phenomena. Reading through the first title is far more entertaining than one might suspect, covering ancient to very recent principles, laws and theories in one alphabetical sequence. From Ptolemy's Theory of a Geocentric Universe to Schneider's Theory of Biological Systems and Climate Change, the 2-volume set covers a lot of ground. Just scanning the table of contents is enlightening, given the wide range of subjects offered. Take a look!

The Senses is far more in-depth in its presentation, providing longer articles on very specific topics (Neurotransmitters in the taste pathway; Aquatic animal models in the study of chemoreception; and Genomics of invertebrate olfaction are just three articles out of 220 or so). Each article is supported by numerous references to primary literature, so this is a very good starting point for research. Good illustrations and photographs add to its usefulness.

There are many other enticing books on the new book shelf - stop by and enjoy looking at the book covers and reading blurbs, at least, in between class and lab.

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