Friday, March 23, 2007

On the New Book Shelf: The Microstructure of Dinosaur Bone

The Microstructure of Dinosaur Bone: Deciphering Biology with Fine-Scale Techniques, by Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan (now on the science library new book shelf) was recently reviewed in the Quarterly Review of Biology by Tim J. Fedak. Read the review online on page 57 of the March 2006 (Vol. 81 Issue 1) issue.

Fedak states, "The book provides many fine examples that demonstrate how studies of fossil skeletons are improved by analysis of bone microstructure. Several chapters focus on the discovery, structure, physiology, and growth of dinosaur bone; however, the book also remains comparative in approach, with histological studies of bone in mammals, birds, turtles, whales, and other vertebrates discussed. Although the volume will be of interest to a wide audience of biologists, the core readership will remain vertebrate paleontologists, each of whom should have a copy of this book in their reference library."