Thursday, July 20, 2006

Growing Up in Urban Sprawl and the Impact on Adolescent Development

Howard Frumkin offers new insight on the old adage it takes a village to raise a child in his book Urban Sprawl and Public Health. As reported on Earthwatch Radio, over-dependence on cars in areas of urban sprawl stymies the development of young adolescents who must rely on an adult for transportation. Learning to navigate indpendently from home to school, shops, parks, recreation and other community areas is an important part of social development. Such exploration is nearly impossible in far-flung suburbs without access to bike paths or mass transit. A village environment that brings together housing and commercial/community services within kid-friendly distances can be achieved in small towns and urban areas alike. Urban sprawl creates fomidable barriers for an adolescent on foot, bike or public bus. Check out the book from the main library, or read more at Earthwatch.

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