Monday, June 19, 2006

College Republicans Call for Beach Parties to Mock Global Warming

This piece was published by syndicated columnist Edward Flattau of Global Horizons, and redistributed June 1 by BushGreenwatch, a web site devoted to "tracking the Bush Administration's environmental misdeeds."

"Whatever happened to the Republican Party of Teddy Roosevelt, a political party distinguished by its forward-looking environmental policy? Today, we have the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) urging its 200,000 student members on 1500 campuses to hold beach parties to mock the threat of global warming. If this is representative of the generation that is going to inherit the earth, the earth is in trouble big-time.

"The CRNC derives its dismissive view of global warming from a small clique of increasingly discredited scientists who claim the climate change threat is an exercise in scaremongering. It is a claim that is refuted by the weight of evidence, and subsequently by a consensus of scientists (including leading climatologists) throughout the world." Read more.

Edward Flattau's 1998 book, Tracking the Charlatans, is available in the Main Library.

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