Monday, May 08, 2006

Thousands of Biologists Urge Careful Consideration of Science Related to Endangered Species Act

From EarthWatch Radio : Speaking of Science, by Steve Pomplun

Scientists are breaking with tradition and speaking out on more matters of public policy.
Last January, nearly 6,000 biologists signed a letter urging Congress to consider their research before taking action on the Endangered Species Act, which is up for reauthorization. They contend that the act has succeeded in protecting plants and animals and should not be significantly changed.

Duke University ecologist Stuart Pimm signed the letter and has been outspoken in his support for the existing law, which took effect in 1973. Pimm says the letter to Congress on the Endangered Species Act is an unusual step for the scientific community. But he says the thousands who signed it are only asking that knowledge gained through careful research be used to guide this important decision.

The story is also covered by the Enrvironmental News Service. More information is at the Union of Concerned Scientisits' web site.

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