Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Search Engine for OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center

From Candi Clevenger @ OhioLINK: The OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center has a new search engine which provides outstanding improvement in the speed and performance of EJC searches. The new search engine, called Lucene, performs a Google-like search. It looks for all the words in the search, then ranks results by relevance -- frequency, phrase, both words, either word.

Here's a search to try: skin cancer sun exposure

The results are overwhelming in quantity, but the relevance ranking quickly sorts to the bottom all of the thousands (and thousands!) of records that have just one of those four search terms. In this example, the search query "skin cancer" and "sun exposure" is more precise, especially if limited to the category Health Sciences & Medicine, but the first search is actually very effective because of the relevance ranking and speed.

Give the new search engine a spin!

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