Monday, February 27, 2006

Check it Out! Greenpeace by Rex Weyler

On the New Book Shelf:

Greenpeace: how a group of ecologists, journalists, and visionaries changed the world. Rex Weyler. Rodale, 2004.

From the book jacket: " 'Ecology? Look it up! You're involved.' With this slogan, posted guerrilla-style on billboards in 1969, the group that would become Greenpeace launched its first campaign... and sparked a mind-shift that literally changed how we think about the world around us. Greenpeace is the definitive record of their journey from a loosely organized protest group into an international phenomenon that went head-to-head against corporations and governments."

The new book shelf is on your right as you enter the science library. Come in and browse! Or browse online: New Book list.

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